Weekly Vibe Feb 18-24

Shining the Light of Truth
 Feb 18 - Feb 24
 Immediately after drawing the card below for our message and vibe, I was reminded about last week's message about abundance, then I noticed the date for the week (Feb 18) + the number on the card (8).    
So many 8's!!  Feels like abundance is still in the air the week of 2/18! 
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Card of the Week:  Archagel Raguel, #8 Justice

What I'm hearing for our message this week is that there is a strong quality of "as above, so below" woven into our day-to-day and this elevates our experiences to new levels. 

There is a full moon in Virgo on Saturday, the 24th.  Virgo is no slouch and the waves of passion that are flowing all month are fueling the dedication to wholeness with this moon's energy. 

Full moon energy and the message from spirit combine to deliver a frequency that delivers nudges towards: 

Focusing on and being accountable for our happiness, health, connections and love expression are all at play as we radiate higher self vibes, clearing out the excess and connecting to our personal divinity by doing what's right, just and true.

Archangel Raguel is here to help, call on them daily for clarity and forward momentum, using the energy of kindness and compassion to forge ahead. 

The Vibe this week is:  Bringing our soul's energy to each day, living a life that is elevated through love, passion and compassion.

You are an agent of magnificent change, seeing the grace in any moment and using your power to love fiercely and be present for yourself, others and the highest good, with flow and ease!

    Much gratitude to you for reading this, I appreciate you!



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