Energy Vibe: Week of 2/4-2/10

Weekly Vibe Feb 4th - Feb 10th

This is a special week as many of my favorite people have birthdays this week and it's my parent's anniversary on the 9th. 

One of the special birthdays belongs to my Gram, on 2/4.  She is on the other side for many years now, but I am sure she is loving that we think of her so often and have so many good memories of all her Earthly birthday celebrations.

Do you still celebrate the birthdays of special people on the other side?

The vibe this week is coming from the energy of the new moon in Aquarius on Friday, 2/9, plus it's the start of the lunar new year and begins the Year of the Dragon.   The lunar new year signals the time of renewal, honoring ancestors, setting intentions and allowing all that we will encounter as a sacred journey, from which we grow, evolve and become a fuller version of ourselves.

The Dragon is a symbol of strength, fiery challenge and luck!  This year, we can focus on bravely taking on any challenges to fortify our health, wealth and soul's plan for highest good outcomes.

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Card of the Week:  Four of Earth

When we pull the Four of Earth, it's Spirit's way of saying, "Get your shit together!  Stop fluffing off!  You know what to do, you know you are capable of it and you have the resources to figure it out!"

Sooooooo yeah, it's that kind of week.  And this little kick in the ass comes from love.  Spread those wings and fly!  

The Vibe this week is:  Renewal, Commitment and Be All In for Your Highest Good!

Thank the past, commit to the present, and visualize an amazing future.

It really is that simple.  You are ready, do the deep work and love yourself and every minute of your journey.  Set the tone this week.  Be the captain and always remember to ask for help when you need it and show up for yourself on all levels.

    Much gratitude to you for reading this, I appreciate you!



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