Chakra Balancing Demystified

Have you heard the buzz about Chakra Balancing?  Are your friends starting to book sessions?  Is your curiosity peaked?

Chakra Balancing is gaining popularity as more and more people understand that total health in body, mind and spirit begins at the energetic level of their aura and chakras.

My expert remote Chakra Balancing Sessions were designed by myself and my healing team to be a regular part of your total health plan and to activate healing on all levels.  Let's talk a bit about is the foundation of ALL things, including your body (and all your bodes:  physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic).  

The experience of feeling healthy, sick, sad, happy, hopeful...or somewhere in between has an energetic foundation so therefore, taking care of this energy is key.  Keeping your energetic foundation clean, energized and balanced is fundamental to total health and wellness of body, mind and spirit.

Each day, you take care of your physical body in ways that keep you balanced and ready to face the day. You take a shower, brush your teeth, eat good food and get plenty of rest.  What if you stopped doing that?  What if you went for 30 days without taking a shower or brushing your teeth or eating good food?  

You would be an absolute wreck!  

Think of Chakra Balancing the same is literally a shower, feeding and balancing for your energy body which is the foundation of your physical and emotional bodies.  Anything you feel in any of your bodies has an energetic foundation and by clearing and cleansing  your aura and chakras, energizing them with fresh prana (divine life force energy) and then balancing them to maximize the flow of energy between each, is key to experiencing total health.

One of the main benefits of Chakra Balancing is being able to experience life with a clear energetic foundation,  meaning you are connecting to what you are doing, feeling and experiencing on the level of soul.  Your awareness is peaked to absorb the highest good in every moment.

Let's walk through a session...

  • Call in Divine Energy and Healing Chamber Set Up: I'll set up an energetic healing chamber by dialing into your unique frequency. This is something I've been trained to do and also, it is part of my gift in this lifetime. Within this chamber, we'll connect on the soul level in a protected and energized space where divine healing is brought to you, through me.  I am simply a channel for all healing that comes from the divine realm.
  • Aura Assessment:  I will assess your aura and check it for leaks, cracks, congestion, areas of uneven or low energy.  
  • Aura Cleanse:  Now I will sweep your aura with colored prana to cleanse all the layers.  We'll also cleanse your pranic core, health rays and soul star 8th chakra.  Cleansing is key as you must remove the old energy before applying the new.  You wouldn't pour today's fresh coffee into yesterdays unwashed cup with old coffee in it!
  • Aura Energizing:  Prana is now ready to be directed into this 8th chakra to energize your aura and reconnect your body, mind & spirit. 
  • Chakra Assessment:  Next, each of your 7 main chakras are assessed, starting at your base and continuing up to sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown.  I'll feel for energy depletion, congestion (blockages from old, toxic or negative energy) and anything that indicates it needs cleansing.
  • Chakra Cleansing:  I then cleanse each of your 7 main chakras and any other areas of your body that are indicated with pranic healing sweeping and cleansing.  This is a very important and unique step to my session that combines pranic healing with my intuitive connection to your energy body's unique frequency.
  • Chakra Energizing & Balancing: Now each of your chakras are ready to be energized and we place fresh prana into each of them.
  • Stabilize and Release the Energy:  We end the session by stabilizing and releasing the energy, closing your aura to all but your higher self and those beings of the highest vibration who are with you at the choice of your soul,  closing the chamber in gratitude and putting up chakral shields to prevent the occurrence of any negative energy or psychic intrusions.

 As you can see, the session is very thorough and might even be likened to a day at the intuitive spa ♥.  Having this as part of your regular schedule is an act of self care that raises your vibration overall and prepares you for all the greatness you are ready to manifest for your life!

What you'll feel during and after the session is uniquely yours but the most common reports include a sense of wholeness, improved sleep, mental and emotional clarity, pain relief, stress relief and overall happiness.


1)  Chakra Balancing Single Session: Custom Session will full report emailed to you the same day.  (Use Code:  FirstTime at checkout for $10 off)

2)  Super Healing Session:  A single session that brings extraordinary results for people who are stalled in their healing plan, need to jumpstart things or need to address something more specific.

I can't wait to see which one you choose! 

In light and healing love,







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