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Archangel Michael Session:  Intuition, Truth & Protection Booster

Archangel Michael Session: Intuition, Truth & Protection Booster

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Third Eye Chakra Activation with Archangel Michael Healing Focus:  Divine Truth, Clarity and Intuitive Empowerment

This session will

  • align with your intuitive power and to activate your intuitive gifts
  • clear your energy of limiting beliefs, untruths and congestion
  • empower you to deliver information with compassion and love
  • bring balance to your energy so you can set proper boundaries for yourself and in your work with others
  • align with the frequency of power through asking for, allowing and receiving information from Spirit and your higher self

We'll work with your entire aura and your third eye chakra, cleansing, fortifying, activating and energizing it.  We then work with this master chakra, the third eye, in a second way for setting the intentions of your highest good to manifest.  Restoring your energy to a more balanced state and setting the intention within you is key to creating the change you'd like to feel in your life

Done remotely, an email report is sent to you the same day with a Channeled Message from Archangel Michael just for you!

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