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We are used to keeping the energy within our body, mind and spirit cleansed and balanced (think chakra balancing, deep breathing and release rituals). This concept is part of your total health plan and dynamic healing journey.  But sometimes, we do all the tried and true rituals of self care and yet there is still a stagnant feeling around us...sometimes we just feel

  • less energetic than normal
  • consistently tired and not comfortable in your own space
  • uneasy, unrelaxed or negative
  • bogged down or like there is a heavy energy in your own home...

These can be your indicators that it's probably time to SMUDGE!   Smudging is the act of burning tightly wound bundles of plants and using the smoke as part of a sacred ritual for cleansing the energy of a room, home, person, space or item.  

When we think of smudging, sage comes to mind as it is commonly used for it's simultaneous cleansing and healing properties. Using the practice of smudging cleanses your spaces, your body and your things of unwanted, uninvited, heavy, negative or simply old energy that is weighing you down.

Pro Tip:  I have found that this is a good practice that can be incorporated into your New or Full Moon Rituals as an easy and timely reminder to cleanse the energy of your space, car or intuitive tools on a regular basis.  New Moon = time to smudge!

Smudging is something that has it's place in even the most calm and inviting homes (why do you think they are so inviting? ☺)  and you do not need to be a shaman or a specially trained healer to practice smudging.  There is no need to feel intimidated or otherwise unequipped to smudge your home regularly - take advantage of this handy ritual on a regular basis!   

Smudging 101


  • A candle and fire source like matches or lighter
  • Sage or smudge of choice
  • A fireproof container for the sage such as an abalone shell or smudge pot
  • Feather *optional* ( I personally don't use a feather)

How To:

  1. Declutter your spaces and crack the windows.  Preparation for smudging in this manner ensures the readiness of the room.
  2. Light your candle and quiet your mind, centering yourself with your higher consciousness.
  3. Set the intention.  This is how all rituals/session/healings begin.  Set the intention to cleanse your space (body, car, item...) of all old, toxic and negative energy that is no longer needed for your highest good.
  4. Light the tip of your smudge stick with the candle until you see a flame.  Gently blow on it until it is smoldering, not on fire any longer.  Hold it over your smudge pot or shell while you are doing this to catch any ash.
  5. If you are smudging your home, it's best done room by room.  Stand in the center of the room and wave the smudge stick clockwise with the intention of flushing out all negative energy and filling the space with blessings.
  6. Move to each corner of the room and wave the smudge stick in the spaces there. Traditionally in native American smudging ceremonies, you start in the East where the Sun rises, then move to the South, then to the West where the Sun sets and finally to the North
  7. Once you've done all the rooms, closets, your car, etc...come back to the room you started in and extinguish your smudge stick.  Say a prayer of thanks or a closing statement of gratitude.
  8. You may also smudge your body and any items of your choosing such as intuitive tools or crystals.  

Incorporating this ritual into your life will uplift you and your family's energy and keep a feeling of clarity and peace within your home and on your person.  Your intention is key when practicing this smudging ritual and you can confidently move forward knowing you are bringing good energy into your home.

Below is the smudging kit I use the most, it's featured in the photo at the top of the blog.

In light and love,


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