Energetic Cleansing of Your Spaces


It feels so good when your house is clean, organized and in order, right?  You feel happier, more at home and relaxed.   This feeling is amplified when you have a clear and cleansed energetic space as well.  When the energy of your home is cleansed, it helps immensely in keeping us in line with total health of body, mind & spirit.  Being able to think clearly, move freely and feel supported are all natural by-products of energetic cleansing.  This is a practice that is completely within your reach and should be done at least quarterly and as much as you feel it's needed.

Space Cleansing Made Easy

Gather these items:

  • a candle (represents pure energy)
  • a spray bottle with lavender salt water in it; make your own 1/3 salt to water plus 12 drops of lavender oil. (this breaks down dirty, stale and negative energy)
  • a smudge stick (to remove negative energy)


  1. Open a window in each room of your house (if it's too cold, then just crack the window)
  1. In the main room of your home (I use my kitchen, you could also use the family room), light the candle to represent fresh, pure energy.
  1. Call on the divine realm (AA Michael is my go to for this) and set the intention.  Here are the words I use: “I am full of gratitude for the lessons & experiences that have happened here up until this moment. I ask the Angels to guide and protect me as we clear, purify and remove all old, stale and negative energy in order to make space for new, divine energy to guide me and my family at this new time.”
  1. Work through one room at a time: Grab your salt water and move to each corner of the room and spray the salt water in each corner while saying, “With Archangel Michael, I clear, remove and purify the energy of this space with love and light”. Say that as you spray in the direction of each corner. You do not have to move furniture if it's in the way, just spray in the direction.
  1. After the 4 corners are sprayed, stand in the middle of the room. Inhale and visualize yourself as a ball of white light and then exhale as this ball of white light spreads out to fill up and overflow into the entire room. You can breathe in and out a couple times to add enough white light to fill up the whole room if necessary. You are essentially pushing out all the old, dirty and congested energy in the space and filling it with divine white light.
  1. When you are finished doing this, say “this space is totally filled with divine light.” Now move to each room and repeat steps 4-6.
  1. As a final action, light the smudge stick and smudge each room of your home. Directing the smudge smoke into the room with the intention to clear the space of any negative energy.

This is should be done at least each quarter.

It will become very easy for you:  Light a candle, call the divine, spray each corner with salt, fill the room with white light and smudge!

The intention you set combined with the salt water/white light action (clears dirty & stale energy and invokes divine energy) and then the final smudging (removes any residual negative energy) is the triple protection that ensures that your space is cleared, cleansed and protected.

I've made it easy and created a special Space Cleansing Bundle for you to work with.

Everything you need is contained in the bundle and you'll be able to use it  many times.



In light and healing love,
Dani Tworek

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