Life Review Ritual & Worksheet, with Archangel Jeremiel

Doing a Life Review with Archangel Jeremiel
July 7 - July 13, 2024
Greetings Kindred Spirits!
Jeremiel is an often overlooked Archangel (AA) and if you aren't familiar with their energy, this introduction will be very illuminating for you!
Card of the Week:  RENEWAL with AA JEREMIEL
Angel Tarot by Radleigh Valentine

Jeremiel's name means, "God uplifts" and it is with this empowering energy that Jeremiel is present for you. 

As with all the Archangels, their energy is so vast, you can think of it as a universal frequency available to anyone and everyone at any given moment; all you have to do is ask and you can align with their frequency. 

For today, we'll say, "Archangel Jeremiel, please be with me now."

Jeremiel's frequency is one that helps us align with understanding ourselves and our life as a journey to love, here on Earth.  When we work with him, we feel very grounded, grateful and empowered because he helps us with something called a life review.  

If you know me, you know rituals are my jam!  At the beginning of each new season, one of the rituals I like to perform is a life review with Jeremiel.

Doing a life review each quarter is a powerful action that aligns you with gratitude, power and direction.  It helps you understand yourself deeply on many levels. 

It is NOT a list of what you've done wrong or where you've failed, let's get make that clear straightaway!  It IS a loving action of aligning with the joy in your journey and provides momentum and excitement for what's ahead. 

Here's how to do a life review:

  • Three rounds of deep breathing to center yourself.  Call all the parts of your soul home to you
  • Call in AA Jeremiel
  • Grab a pen and your Life Review Worksheet
  • Move through the sections of the worksheet with compassion and an open heart and mind, recording your thoughts.
  • What Goals did you make progress on?
  • What were some High Points in the last quarter?
  • What did you struggle with, what were the Low Points?
  • Overall, what did you Learn about yourself and what are you Grateful for?
  • What are ready to Forgive & Release?
  • What are you going to Focus on moving forward?

When you make time to perform this ritual at the end of each quarter with the help of Jeremiel, you connect with your divine energy and feel grounded to your soul's plan and power.

It's a very powerful practice that brings clarity to help you understand

  • how far you've come
  • what is working and is in progress
  • what needs to shift
  • how to let go and move forward in your power. 

It generates a huge amount of joy from within when we acknowledge our efforts and promotes a sense of excitement for the future.

Your life is so meaningful, it's important to take stock regularly and show up for yourself.

Download your worksheet here and use it quarterly or whenever you feel nudged.


In love and infinite gratitude,



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