Crystal Grids 101

When I first began my exploration into using intuitive tools, crystal grids were one of the most intriguing, yet very intimidating to me!  I had so many questions...why do you use them?  How do you use them?  What if I do it wrong?

GOOD NEWS...There is no wrong way to do it!

~Let's explore Crystal Gridding~
Crystals hold an unwavering energy which make them perfect for fortifying your intentions.  Think of them as the most supportive and always present for you best friend.

When you program a crystal with your intention, it holds that frequency in place and radiates the energy you've given it, helping you to manifest that which you desire. 

Just like the Crystal Power Packs that you carry, meditate, sleep with or hold close, Grids are available to be present in your sacred space to remind you of and fortify your intentions.

Here's How to Crystal Grid
1.  Choose a space where you can leave your grid up for a month, where it won't be disturbed.  I like to leave them up for a full moon cycle, that's why I suggest a month undisturbed.
2.  Choose your intention mindfully and write it down on a little piece of paper.
3.  Hold each crystal in your hand and gently blow air across it - this is a way to cleanse them and infuse them with your energy. (In my Grid Kits, I've already cleansed them for you but its good practice for you to cleanse them too)
4.  Next, Before placing each crystal on the grid, hold it in your left hand over your heart and place the energy of your intention into the stone.  
5.  It makes sense to start with the focus stone (the one in the middle) and place it in the center of the grid.  
6.  Repeat step 4 and place the other stones and crystals on the points on the grid in a clockwise fashion.  This is something that I feel energizes the grid as you build it.  Use your intuition as to which stones go where or if you have one of my grids, you can use the template provided.
7.  After your stones and crystals are laid out, look at your grid and feel it's energy!  Place your intention that you wrote down under the focus stone and take the quartz point activator and hold it over the focus stone and trace a line from that stone to all the other stones, connecting their energy.
8.  Your grid is now activated.  Visit it each day and refresh the intention by thinking about it and holding your hands over the grid saying, "I am aligned with my intention and the highest good is happening for me each day.  I understand the inspired actions to take to manifest this intention"  Or something like that...those are my words, you can certainly use your own.

See how easy that is?  Now you've got the know how to add these powerful and gorgeous tools to your intuitive toolbox.

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Archangel Energy Crystal Grid Kit


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