Crystals Part One: Choosing, Cleansing & Programming

Crystals are living beings, at the beginning of creation.
-Nikola Tesla
Crystals are not only beautiful, they vibrate at high frequencies that can help us achieve our highest goals for healing, love and abundance.
The structure of crystals is highly ordered in a latticed network.  In a sense, they are unwavering and hold a consistent frequency.  
This structure of crystals is what makes them so special and unique.  
Crystals are formed by a dynamic process called crystallization that signifies transition from chaos to perfection.
They are divine gifts from mother earth that connect us to high vibrational frequencies that can assist with our intentions.
When you are looking for crystal support, there are many ways to choose the crystals that are right for you.  As an intuitive empowerment coach and guide, I will teach you the foolproof way that uses your intuitive power and higher self guidance. 
We will look at:

  • attraction
  • color / chakra connection
  • size
  • feel/vibration 
1.  Center your energy on your intention (healing a specific ailment or emotion, selling a home, connecting to a spirit guide,  increasing abundance...) This is the first and most important step.  This will bring in your higher self energy. 

2.  Pay attention to the first crystal that you are really attracted to when you begin your search.  In a shop, at a show or online, there will be one crystal or one type of crystal that you are drawn to.  The old saying, "your first answer is the right answer" is the same concept here.

3.  Color...notice the color of the crystals you are attracted to at this time.  Color is a powerful chakra activator and a healing frequency that can align with your intentions to jump start your process.  When you are drawn to certain colors, the intention is amplified to heal or activate specific chakras which help you manifest your intention.

4.  Size...think about what you will do with this crystal in regards to your intention.  For example, when I look for crystals to use in healing sessions, I look for wand  types so size and shape matter.  When I am looking for crystals for sleep, I like them on the small side so I can tuck them under my pillow.  For crystal grids, I like medium sized ones that lie flat...size and shape matter.

5.  The feel of it, it's vibration, is another factor in choosing a crystal. If you are lucky enough to have a crystal shop nearby or if you can attend a gem show,  you can pick up crystals to get a sense of their energy and yours together.  This comes in handy if you are looking to decide between 2 crystals.  I live in a small town and order most of my crystals online and by the pound.  When it comes time to design a pack or grid, I choose the crystals using all of the above plus feeling them once I have them in my possession.  

There are 4 very easy ways to cleanse your crystals and you can use any of them with confidence.  

1.  By the light of the full moon.  I have to admit, this is my favorite way to cleanse my crystals.  You can simply place your crystals on the window sill or outside during the full moon.
At least 3 hours of moon energy is best.  It's OK if it's cloudy, the energy still gets through.  If it's raining, I use the windowsill method, as some crystals should not come in contact with water.

2.  Sometimes you may not want to wait for the next full moon to cleanse your crystals.  One method you can use anytime is the sage technique.  Put your crystals out so they are in a single layer and use sage smoke to cleanse them.  Make sure you set the intention for cleansing and run the smoke over the crystals for a few passes.

3.  This next method is subtle yet very powerful.  Hold your crystal in your hand and set the intention for cleansing.  Then gently and consistently blow over the crystal.  Feel your breath, the breath of life, pass over the crystal and cleansing it with divine breath.  This technique is lovely when you have a small amount of crystals to cleanse and you want them done relatively quickly.

4.  This last method is great when you've been using your crystal(s) often or it's been touched by many people.  The Sea Salt method takes an overnight period.  Fill up a bowl with sea salt and bury your crystals in the salt overnight.  Wipe them down in the morning and they are ready once again!  I always feel like my crystals are super cleansed after this method. 
Once you've chosen and cleansed your crystals, it's time to set the intention within them.
This is where the connection is made between you and your crystal so that the intention you've chosen it for becomes programmed into it's structure.

Here's how:
1)   Hold the crystal in your left hand over your heart.
2)  Take a few deep breaths to center your energy and focus on your intention.
3)  Say out loud or in your mind, "Crystal, thank you for coming to me.  I place my intention for ______________ into your divine structure now.  Please infuse me with support and inspire me to ask for, believe and receive the information needed to manifest my intention"

You can do this for a group of crystals or individual crystals.
These 3 actions begin your journey with these amazing intuitive tools that are perfect in design and in place for each of us to use.
You do not have to be a crystal expert or certified in any way to harness the power of these living beings.
We are all remembering what our soul already knows!

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