February Vibe Check, A Reading for Us All

Theme & Vibe for the Month of February
In the past, I used to do personal Monthly Forecast Readings where I'd pull cards and deliver your theme for the month along with weekly guidance so you could navigate each week with flow and ease.
My team has nudged me to do this for February for everybody, by sending out the overall theme, plus week by week guidance, in these newsletters!
Today, we'll discuss the overall theme and vibe for February and each week, I'll deliver weekly guidance to help you feel prepared for what's coming up.
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~February's Theme & Vibe~

We've been given the Four of Fire as this month's theme and this is a card that speaks to support, passions, work energy and the spirit of solid foundations.

Typically, February is a reset point after the overwhelm of January's energy.  We are more grounded and ready to embrace what we know to be good for us and to fully commit to realistic goals and also more expansive intentions, rooted in love and intuitive energy

The theme this month is Wholeness and the Vibe is Passion!

Think about where you are most comfortable, most yourself and most supported...at home!  Your home is truly where your heart is and it's also where your heart, mind, emotions and spiritual energy are most freely expressed.  In February, we are feeling safe in our four walls and these walls are like a stage, lifting us up and  supporting our most passionate energies.  We are expressing ourselves unencumbered and with passionate motivation towards achieving what we set out to do.

Our whole being is being infused with support and love this month and we feel that energy and become very passionate about our projects and carving out time to honor our whole being.

There is strong support from our guides and angels at this time, don't forget to call on them daily as well as bring in your higher self energy at the start of each day.

This month, we are the stars of our own show and we grow and evolve on many levels as we plan, implement, and take action on the things that our heart is guiding us towards.

Affirmation for February:
I am whole and centered in my divine power.  Anything I focus on, I achieve with flow and ease.  I am a powerful being on all levels.


    Much gratitude to you for reading this, I appreciate you!



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