How to Use Crystals for Pain Relief

Crystal Healing at Your Fingertips

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Dissolving Pain
The day after we returned from a weekend away, I found myself experiencing a combination of symptoms that usually means I've picked up an infection:  headache + sinus pain + ear pain + fatigue.
I replayed the weekend in my head, realizing how many public places we visited and how there were any number of areas I could have picked up something that my body wasn't happy with.

And so it began...we all have that arsenal of tools we use to activate healing.   
I began my healing journey and went about my energy seemed to improve but my pain level was increasing.  Sinus pain and pressure and headache are not easy to ignore.

And that's when I was nudged by my healing team to go visit my crystal cabinet.  This felt very exciting to me, like they had something important to reveal.
Listen to Your Inner Voice
Standing in front of my crystals (remember, I have thousands in stock!), I asked my team, "what will help?"
And true to form, they answered back, "use your energy, what are you drawn to that will help with pain?"
And taking a deep, centering breath, I opened each drawer, one by one, and ended up choosing with distinct certainty:  amethyst, blue aventurine and amazonite.
Looking at my new discovery, I realized that I chose this gorgeous trio based on my inherent knowledge as well as intuition.
Blue is the color used in healing for pain relief, amethyst is a master healing crystal and amazonite brings intensely soothing vibrations and peace.  
Together, they are perfect for relieving pain!
Testing the Crystals
With my trio in my left hand, I held them over my heart and programmed them using a ritual that I've come to develop over the years:
Taking 3 deep breaths and calling in Archangels Raphael (for healing) and Michael (for protection) I stated out loud, "Thank you crystals, I am forever grateful for your divine structure of support.  By the hand of the healing angels, I place into your structure the request to help me clear, cleanse, un-create, remove and dissolve from all my bodies, the energy of pain, specifically headache and sinus pain.   I am free of this pain and full of active healing energy now.  Thank you."  

Then I laid on my couch and placed the amethyst on my third eye and the amazonite and blue aventurine one on top of each cheek under my eyes (where my sinuses hurt).  I proceeded to rest and meditate, letting the crystals help me.  I laid there for about 15 minutes and noticed the pain beginning to dissipate.
After that, I got up and went about my day.  About a half hour later, I realized I was totally pain free.  I remember being nudged by my team to notice this because when you aren't in pain, you aren't thinking about pain!  
I was so happy and honestly, really impressed by the power of this trio.

And really cool sidebar...the next day I was 100% healed!  The combination of activating my healing with my energy medicine + the crystals resulted in expediting healing very quickly.
Expanding the Experience
About a week after this my initial session with the trio of crystals, I was experiencing some really distracting cramps.  It was not a day for giving in to my desire to lay around and read (those days are such a treat!) so I grabbed my trio of pain relieving crystals and repeated my ritual for programming and put them into the key pocket in the front of my yoga leggings, which I was going to wear all day.
Same thing!  About an hour later, I was nudged by my team to realize I was not feeling any pain.  Some days later, I was having some heart burn and I put the trio in my can imagine how quickly the heartburn went away!
Crystals as Tools
Using crystals for healing as well as fortifying your intentions is something we can all do easily.  I've suggested this powerful pain relieving trio and I encourage you to try them for yourself.  In addition, I've curated many combinations of crystals to help us achieve goals and strengthen intentions.
What are you drawn to?
Got your own idea?  
I can create a custom bag just for you!
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