Illuminate! Divine Guidance for Making Change

Weekly Messages for October 15th - October 21st
Illuminate! is my way of sharing highest good information channeled from my team to help us navigate our week. 
We are given a focus that is empowering and will illuminate our path; to experience flow, ease, abundance and joy!
Welcome to Illuminate!
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~Guidance from the Other Side~

Right on the heels of the New Moon and Eclipse, you are probably feeling the nudge to take action in regards to the changes and transformations you are inspired to make.  

Big change and transformation is a process and this week, I am hearing that our forecast has to do with beginning the journey, asking for help and keeping up the momentum.

CARD of the WEEK

Pulling a card for confirmation on this forecast, I was given Adriana, an angel delivering a message about asking for, receiving and allowing the divine guidance that will help us attain our highest good intentions and goal of making change.

This week's forecast is a gentle reminder that you are never alone and anything you can imagine is within reach...are feeling a little apprehensive, fearful, afraid of not accomplishing things or has your enthusiasm waned, lost your confident focus?

DON'T WORRY!  You have an army of divine helpers with you and waiting to help.

Make it a practice every morning to call on your angels and guides, to be with you every moment for protection and guidance.  It's as simple as calling them in with this phrase: 

"I call on my all my guides, angels, and guests who walk in the Light to be with me now.  Please protect and guide me today and when I ask for a sign, deliver it in ways I can understand and align with."

I call my team each morning and multiple times per day, there is never a limit to how much you can ask.  Simple ask for help on anything you are working on and open up to the signs that are sent.  It is a process and you'll begin to get used to how they communicate with you and this practice will help you keep up the momentum for any changes or transformational goals you are making.

Ask daily, ask many times per day and watch for the signs.  It could be repeating numbers or words, resources falling into your lap, dream messages, intuitive inspirations, seeing the same things over and over, hearing people talk about things you've been working on...there is no limit to how the universe guides you!

Start right now, call in your team and begin developing this sacred relationship - you are totally aligned with energy of the benevolent universe and your soul is ready to soar!

Much gratitude to you for reading this, I appreciate you!


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