Law of Abundance Checks & The New Moon

Everything has a unique energetic frequency that takes form so we can recognize, interact and align with it in our earthly lives.

When you are hungry, you create a meal with the items in your kitchen.  When you want to say hi to a friend, you pick up your phone and make it happen.  

When you want to do something, you find a way to do it...and most things we do so automatically, we don't even question the energetic frequencies we are aligning with to manifest the desire.  In the two examples above, we use the energetic frequencies of creativity and communication seamlessly in our lives daily.  

Let's talk about abundance as a frequency.   Abundance is much more than's the energetic frequency of consciously being aligned with our Source energy.  It's the conscious awareness that you are the physical manifestation of FatherMotherGod's abundance and will, and thereby are forever connected to infinite amounts of abundance, because it is what you are made of.  

This is the Law of Abundance.

There are times in our life when we feel disconnected from our true and natural state of infinite abundance.  Sometimes we have trouble recognizing the support that comes from within and has manifested all around us. 

The New Moon is a great time to use a ritual that reminds us of and recharges our abundant nature.  The energy of the new moon can align our core energy to the as above, so below mentality by acting as a reset to help us release all the psychic junk we've accumulated that creates separation from Source so we are free to re-connect with our infinitely abundant nature.

One way to do this is to write a Law of Abundance check each month.  I've been writing New Moon Abundance Checks since I had a checkbook.  It was like a family event...Gram would call and remind Mom who would then tell my sister and I to get our checkbooks out.  

This is an exercise that connects your body, mind and spirit together in harmony with the law of abundance.  Each new moon period (up to 72 hours within), make a check out to yourself from the Bank of the Universe to fund your endeavors of your highest good!

Below is an example check - the blue parts are what you fill in each month.  You can use your own checks (we always did) or you can use the blank check below.  

Printable Check:  Right click on the check below, save the image to your computer and then open to print.



In light and gratitude,





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