Empowering Rituals: Morning Brew

I'm a morning person.  Seeing the sun rise and watching the world wake up is a magical experience that re-creates itself each morning in a completely new and unique way.   

Morning gives us the time and space to honor the potential that each new day holds.  This is a frequency that we can all align with in our own way.

Here's one of my favorite ways to begin my day and align with the frequency of that wonderful potential, a way that not only allows my body to become hydrated first thing, but it has also instilled a ritual that honors the abundance right at my fingertips and creates the space to start the day with gratitude and goodness.






  1. Fill up your Electric Kettle with fresh filtered water and turn on (Let the kettle turn off automatically so the water isn't actively boiling when you use it.  We're preserving the nutritional value of the lemon and ginger)
  2. Wash and cut your lemon in half
  3. Peel & Slice about 1.5 inches of ginger root with your Microplane.
  4. Add the ginger root root to the mug and squeeze half the lemon into the mug with your citrus juicer.
  5. Pour hot water over the lemon and ginger and fill up your mug.
  6. Add a generous spoonful of raw honey - I use a heaping tablespoon.
  7. Stir and wrap your hands around the mug, feeling it's warmth and giving thanks for all the abundance in your life.

Taking the time to gather the ingredients, prepare them and honor the space these moments create, in gratitude, is one of my favorite parts of the morning.

Rituals create empowered lives!

RECIPE CARD (right click and save so you can print out)

 Chakratopia Blog Morning Brew

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Love this blog, new moon on grams bday!

MJ Latiff

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