Illuminate! 5 Ways to Align Your Whole Self Energy

Self Care Solutions that Raise Your Vibration

Whenever a period of time is ending, as in a season change or a new month or year is upon us, we are inclined to release the past and move forward in new and expansive ways. 

This week, we are in the post-eclipse state of releasing and also being triggered through tense emotions that can knock us off our game.  There are many things happening in the world that are upsetting to say the least and this, combined with our personal evolution, can evoke tension and negative emotions.

Some harmony between all our bodies is needed to help us recognize what is ours, what needs to be released and what the messages our emotions are delivering to help us shift towards joy and empowerment.  

The forecast and message for this week is to allow the emotions to guide us and shine a light on anything that is triggering; then tend to your whole being through self-care actions that can help you stay grounded in your higher heart consciousness.  This week is not meant to be miserable, it's meant to bring clarity through emotional energy as a tool.

To transition from one state of consciousness to another, it takes practice and it takes positive energy to keep momentum going.  To make a shift towards power, look for solutions to what you perceive as lack and turn that thinking into self care and inspired actions!  Put easy rituals in place that align you with the things that make you feel good.  This is how you empower yourself and create forward momentum.

Use small, consistent and empowering actions that raise your vibration at any time.

 Honoring your whole self starts with looking at our 5 bodies: 

  • physical (your body)
  • emotional  (your heart)
  • spiritual  (your spirit)
  • mental  (your mind) 
  • energetic  (your foundation)

Putting practices in place that are easy and make us feel good are simple solutions for harmonizing your entire self and sets the tone for easily creating the shifts in energy and allowing your feelings to guide you towards joy.


 1.  Physical Body...adding something to your diet, instead of taking something away, is an action that initiates healing.

2.  Mental Body...choosing one book, something that feeds your mind, can expand your consciousness and also activate project awareness.  The act of having a plan and sticking to it is very powerful. 

3.  Spiritual Body...showering and meditation music go hand in hand.  Listening to instrumental music allows you to clear your mind and center yourself.  

4.  Energetic Body...having a sacred space to re-connect with your soul energy and higher self is essential.  A special chair, pillow or salt lamp creates are some elements to enrich your special spot.  

 5.  Emotional thanks for the simple things and big loves in your life activates healing on deep level.  Writing down or journaling what is good and pure about you and what is in your world creates ripples of healing through your whole body.

To give yourself the ultimate head start and energetic reset, I can also offer this session that removes blockages, brings in divine healing prana and activates your innate ability to heal:



Your actions, thoughts and words create the life you lead.

Put yourself first so that you can be fully present for all that life brings your way.

Happy High Vibes,




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