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Equinox comes from the Latin for 'equal night' and on Sunday, March 20 around 8:32 AM PST, the Sun will cross directly over the Earth's equator. This moment is known as the vernal equinox in the Northern Hemisphere (Fall Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere); and the daytime hours and nighttime hours are just about equal all over the world.  

Spring Equinox, or Ostara,  is celebrated across many cultures and in many different ways.  The advent of Spring does promote one shared commonality:  this celebratory time holds the frequency of shedding the heavy introspection of winter to promote heightened fertility through the birth of new ideas and fresh intentions!  

This is a birthing of all the new frequencies you've committed to in your long winter hibernation.  By bringing into the light that which you are ready to release and by activating the new higher consciousness within, you are BALANCING your energy in ways that bring HARMONY to all.  

These new intentions translate to inspired action which equates to soul evolution and ascension energy.  As you evolve so does the New Earth.  We are co-creators in this process.   Balance within yourself is Balance for all and promotes world healing.

Our intentions for ourselves are actions that unify the entire earth vibration into a peace vibe that is evolving all things simultaneously into As Above, So Below.

Take some time this week to create a sacred space and perform your ritual to honor the light that is coming down through you during the Equinox.  

Spring Equinox Ceremony (read through in its entirety first)

1)  Gather these elements to create a sacred space for your ritual

  • A Lit Candle (Fire) is for pure energy

  • Paper and Pencil (for release work)

  • A favorite Crystal (Earth)  for intention setting

  • Flowers (to represent vital life force)

  • A Bowl of Water (unifies all the energies present). 

2)  Invoke Divine protection and gratitude for this moment.

Say out loud, "I honor the Great Spirit MotherFatherGod and all my divine guides and guests, humbly invoking divine protection in this moment.  I come forward in gratitude for the opportunity to be present as a force of peace, harmony, balance and unification which shifts the consciousness of all that is, towards the highest good"

3)  Evolution is a story that involves what you've left behind, of what is no longer needed and what you've given up.  When this happens, the energy is not destroyed but transmuted to a place of receiving and allowing growth, a rebirth.  

Ask your Higher Self to seek out and identify, on an energetic level, anything left for you to dissolve and close the door on.  Write on the paper, "I release all that no longer serves" and burn it with the aid of the candle.  You can drop it into the water bowl to extinguish.  This release is instantaneous and permanent.  You are ready to receive now.

4)  Now it's time to receive the energy to activate and give birth to new intentions.  Hold your crystal in your left hand, over your heart.  Take 3 deep abdominal breaths and each time, on the inhale, say to yourself "I am totally aligned with my soul's plan and purpose"  and on the exhale say to yourself, "Everything I need to accomplish my intentions is manifesting now and in right timing."

5)  Now sit in your sacred space, listening to the sound of your breathing or to meditation music.  Gaze at the candle flame and the flowers, visualizing good outcomes for all your intentions and being one with your higher self, knowing you are a divine channel for love and light.




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