June Vibe Check: Grounding for Maximum Manifestation

Grounding is Essential for Soul Expression, Miracles and Abundance
June 2 - 8, 2024
On June 1st, I pulled 3 cards for potential June themes and posted them on Facebook and InstagramIf you happened to see them, you got a little personal message from Spirit!

 This week, Spirit nudged me to pull a card that is for us all to help navigate the overall vibe of the month:  Stay Grounded for Maximum Manifestation Energy

Card of the Week:  GROUND YOURSELF

I know you've heard the concept that we are spirits having a human experience and as such, we are tasked with honoring all 5 of our bodies:  physical, emotional, spiritual, mental and energetic.

One of the easiest, yet most powerful ways to balance your whole being is through grounding.  Grounding is the action of placing your feet (or sitting or lying) on the Earth and simply allowing the automatic exchange of electrons between yourself and the ground, thereby eradicating the excess energy within you and finding balance. 

How to:  Step outside barefoot every day, for as many moments as you can.  Stand on the Earth, do three rounds of deep breathing and feel the energy rise up and meet you and feel anything that is not aligned with your highest good leave your body and be transmuted into the Earth.  Can't get outside?  Look out the window and focus on a tree or anything of nature and do the same.

This not only promotes health in your physical being through reducing inflammation, better mood, better sleep, and improving blood flow (just to name a few), it has many benefits for us including:

  • Grounding offers an easy and automatic way discharge unwanted/excess energies
  • Grounding supports our energetic and spiritual bodies
  • Grounding restores and rejuvenates our aura
  • Grounding promotes an divine sense of connection
  • Grounding improves mental, emotional and empathic clarity
  • Grounding helps us connect to our life's purpose and soul's plan


The Vibe for June:  Ground yourself to the Earth and feel the energy of manifestation of your soul's plan daily through inspired thought, word and action.

Much gratitude to you for reading this, I appreciate you!


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