Weekly Vibe: Deep Healing Activation with the New Moon

Renewed Commitment to Healing and Momentum
May 5 - 11, 2024


There is a new moon in Taurus on Tuesday, May 7th and with that moon comes a sense of renewal and fresh energy that guides us to reconnect with forward momentum.  The whole month of May is poised for using actionable energy to make plans starting today, that help you commit to healing and high vibe intentions.  The plans provide the structure and the motivation is within you to carry them out.

What are the chances that I'd draw the same card this week as I did for the last weekly vibe???  It's rare and it happened today!  Chamuel is back and once again supporting our efforts of living with power, purpose and compassion. 

This week, we are being guided by Chamuel and Crown Chakra Energy to embrace our divinity and use that connection to fuel the fires of manifestation.

Card of the Week:  Archangel Chamuel #16

Angel Tarot by Radleigh Valentine

In the spirit of sharing powerful gifts and energy, I've been quietly channeling and practicing a new session from my divine healing guides and Lemurian ancestors. The Gold Flame Healing Session is my newest offering and it's very special because it utilizes gold healing prana, works with the energy of 9 chakras and reconnects you with the heart of mother Earth and the Universe, for a multidimensional experience.

The timing of the release of this session is on purpose, as my team feels the energy of the moon cycle and the energy of the season is the perfect backdrop for supporting your plans and deep healing activations.

The Vibe this week is:  Spread Your Wings and Fly!  You have enough experience behind you to fuel all the new intentions.  Use your connection to your higher self and align with healing, manifestation and forward momentum through inspired actions that support your highest good.

Much gratitude to you for reading this, I appreciate you!



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