Weekly Vibe: Cultivating Joy + Free Guided Meditation

Let the Sun Shine In
June 30 - July 6, 2024
Greetings Kindred Spirits!
~Happy July~
This week, the card I've drawn is actually the theme for the month of July!  It is the Three of Water, which is a loving message about celebratory energies and our intuitive and emotional bodies.
And yes, I realize I've written the heading of this blog to be, "Let the Sun Shine In" and the card below is one of water...but notice the rays of sunlight reaching down into the depths.  This is the joy and love that is present in every moment!
Card of the Week:  Three of Water
Angel Tarot by Radleigh Valentine

July is the height of summer for us here in the northern hemisphere and a time of parties and celebration.  However, when life doesn't feel like all parties and celebration, Spirit is reminding us that we have the power to understand where the love, joy and opportunity exists within each day and we are supported always by the energy of our soul and our divine connection.  This month our theme is:

See the light and Be the light in every moment!  Celebrate every moment with the energy of gratitude and innate joy.  Cultivating joy from within is easier than you think.  Make it your mission for July.

This month, being present as an agent of love and kindness will come naturally to you as you align with your inner light. 

The natural state of your soul is joy and simply remembering this can shift the energy of any moment.  Life is not always easy and sometimes we struggle to find flow. 

This is NOT a call to toxic positivity, it is a call to remember who you really are:  an agent of magnificent change and a being of love that deeply connects to every moment as a supported and supportive frequency.  A being who embraces the innate joy of their journey.  

When you approach any situation with the inner knowing that you can find the opportunity within it, you can't help but smile. 

The act of pairing your mental energy with a physical smile can activate your innate joy.   

Make it your mission this month to celebrate life, no matter how it presents itself, with joy and gratitude for the journey.


BONUS:  I've created a very powerful meditation you can use to harmonize your body, your breath and your soul's energy, to cultivate joy from within!


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