Resetting Relationship Energy with Cord Cutting

Energetic Reset of a Relationship


Relationships are what life is all about. 

Your interaction with others on a daily basis teaches you

  • how to love
  • forms how you interact with society
  • helps you create life goals
  • paves the road map of your life

Throughout the lifetime of a single relationship (think parent to child, spouses, best friends) thousands of interactions happen and what builds between two people is an enormous dynamic frequency. 

This frequency has it's own life to it - it fortifies itself through every interaction and the good, the bad and the ugly are all present at one time or another.  This is the stuff that energetic cords are made from and sometimes, a little spring cleaning is needed to sever the cords that are no longer serving the relationship.

Energetic Cord Cutting addresses the cords in a relationship frequency that have become leaks and are not helping us any longer.  Cutting these cords does NOT end the relationship, but resets the energy.  It's like bettering your health through better food choices:  you aren't going to quit eating, you are just going to eliminate the foods that make you feel bad.

So when is it time?  Use your emotions and thoughts as a guide...keep replaying a scene in your head or an argument?  Do your thoughts frequently drift to  remembering something from the past that is STILL bugging you?  When you've done all you can do in your physical power to mend something and it still presents itself, it's time to cut the cord.

So how is it done?  Cord Cutting is a process that involves 7 steps and it's something we should all do and put into practice as we see fit.  The steps include connecting with the divine realm, identifying the cord that you'd like to cut, severing the hold it has on you and sealing your aura so you can move forward protected, for your highest good.  You can learn exactly how to do this in my Cord Cutting Self-Guided Workshop.

I walk you through the entire process and then you have this resource to use for the rest of your life ;)


In light and healing love,


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Dani, This is exactly what I needed. I will try to fit this meditation in on a daily basis, it has a calming and relaxing nature to it, I loved it, I am on my way to healing. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you !!! Love and light.

Dalia Brandess

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