Weekly Vibe: Feb 11-17

A Very Abundant Week! 
Feb 11- Feb 17


If you remember the theme and vibe for the month overall, wholeness & passion, you won't be surprised that the energy of this week is one that is patting us on the back for our commitment to doing the deep work to honor our whole self and pursuing our passions for soul development.

This week, we are feeling the love for the journey of self-development and also honoring the work itself, as a means to the collective evolution and healing.

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Card of the Week:  Eight of Earth

Spirit is reminding us that whenever we commit to learning, it infuses our whole being and opens us up to channeling energy that not only benefits us, but adds to the collective consciousness in raising the vibration for all.  When you do this, you are a channel for limitless abundance and experience good things coming to you and through you, and you are a magnet for health, wealth and joy. 

Being in a space of learning enriches your mental body and your emotional body because your brainwaves feed on knowledge, creating a connection with your heart space that signals it to expand.  When your heart expands, your other bodies harmonize to meet the light of your heart.  It's a beautiful and wholesome frequency and alignment.  

The Vibe this week is:  Abundance on all levels!  The work we are doing is harmonizing all our bodies (mental, spiritual, emotional, physical and energetic) for abundance on all levels.

Any time you have an idea, or feel a new passion brewing, jump on it and start to learn and explore the energy of it.  Your higher self is leading you,  and your whole self benefits...and that radiates out from you like waves of abundance and healing for the whole world!

    Much gratitude to you for reading this, I appreciate you!



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