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Chakra Reading

Chakra Reading

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This is an 8 page reading delivered via email.  It delves into the energy of each of your 7 main chakras, all of which hold frequencies that tell a very vivid story about all the areas of your life at this point in time.

This is a reading that is great to have done on a quarterly basis, as a spiritual check-in for your body, mind and spirit.

I'll connect to the energy of each of your 7 main chakras and deliver the information given to me based on this energy plus the guidance from my healing team through angel tarot cards and intuitive reading.  

We'll ask Spirit and our higher selves for information on each of the following:   

1st Chakra: Base Energy:  Your connection to your soul's plan and innate abundance. Connecting to the energy of your work, home & money.   Security issues and feelings of being grounded, matters relating to the physical body and the area you live in.

2nd Chakra: Sacral Energy:  Emotional intimacy and intimate relationship energy, sexuality, family and friend energy.  Current projects and areas of inspiration, creativity and success.  Your feelings and emotions as tools of empowerment.

3rd Chakra: Solar Plexus Energy:  Your divine will and the frequency of energetic balance through beauty and divine energy.  Your natural strengths and responding to others in a way that respects your boundaries.  

4th Chakra: Heart Energy: Loving self, relating to others, forgiveness, relationships with your children, healing on all levels in all dimensions.

5th Chakra: Throat Energy: Self expression through word and creative action.  Issues with teaching, being taught and being heard.  

6th Chakra: Third Eye Energy: Intuitive awareness and natural abilities of your soul coming through in this lifetime.  Living your divine truth in thought, word and action.  Protective qualities as helping or hindering.  

7th Chakra: Crown Energy: Divine connections to your higher self and all others in all dimensions. Your spiritual power - how to use it and not abuse or deny it.  Your spiritual path and the divine love of self and all others.  Divine life force energy at work in your body, mind & spirit.

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Every Session is Customized for You

Healing is not one size fits all. Once you order a session from me, I'll send you an email consult within 48 hours to learn all about your needs.

I'll design your session based on the highest and greatest good healing that is perfect just for you!

As soon as you ask for healing, the universe organizes the energy to bring it to you in the way that feels best, according to your needs ♥

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